This is our required paperwork for any and all costume rentals. If you are renting for a whole cast, we ask for both forms filled out in full. If you are just renting one or two costumes, only the rental agreement is necessary. If you have any questions or concerns, please call or email us at any time.


In addition to costumes for theater, we offer a vast range of accessories and costumes for film and TV. With more than 50,000 pieces in stock, we can costume or accessorize to fit medium children through 4 XL adults. We cover most historical time periods through Ancient Egyptian to Modern Times. We are conveniently located at the Nassau Suffolk border on Long Island. Less than two miles from the Long Island Expressway, and an hour east of Manhattan. Our conscientious and knowledgeable staff are happy to work with your crews to help you locate any and all pieces for your specific needs and you’ll find our pricing more than reasonable. Until our website is complete, we’ll be happy to forward snapshots for reference material. if you haven’t been able to locate it elsewhere, give us a call, you might find it here.

The Costume America Team